April 14, 2019


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How it Works

Grand Theft Auto V has each element of the previous opus of the series16. It also features three protagonists that the player can embody and include Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, criminals whose events bind each other during missions that are performed. During the missions, the player can alternate between the protagonists while they work as a team to accomplish their missions17. Outside of the missions, the player is free to embody the protagonist he wants and explore the open world of the game, the fictional city of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles, and its surrounding landscape; in this case, a “Google Earth style” transition then takes a different perspective12,18,19,20. The player can engage in several entertainment activities, or mini-games, such as golf, tennis, triathlon, BASE jumping among others12,18,21. In a similar way to Grand Theft Auto IV, this entertainment can be done with the friends of the main character, and only the appointment system has been removed. The character also has a range of weapons in addition to cars, bicycles, water or air vehicles from which he can take orders21.

The cell phone is back, although many of its features have been changed. It is mainly used for activities and also allows access to the fake Internet network. The “iFruit”, the new mobile phone of the game, can be used to take pictures with the Snapmatic application to load them into the player’s Social Club account22,23. The phone also has applications, with the presence of a camera, contacts, social media, a calendar and an application to be able to replay the missions in the manner of the extension The Ballad of Gay Tony24. The game has an economic system “alive and fun”, with the ability to buy anything and everything25. He is guided by the quest for money, and the various robberies during the game by the player allow him to raise up to several million dollars; this money is then used for many purchases. The purchase of properties marking his return brings some benefits25.

Shootings and melee have been improved26. The firing system has meanwhile “come a long way” in terms of sensations and functioning. The weapons are a little different because Rockstar Games wanted the gunfights to be halfway between the freedom of the player and the challenges they propose. The player starts the game with weak and limited weapons so that he can unlock the game later. For weapon selection, Red Dead Redemption’s “on the wheel” system is entering the GTA26 series. There is also the ability to perform battles during fights in order to move under cover and escape enemy fire, and transitions are smoother during cover moves. The “jogging combat” allows you to run quickly while being in possession of a weapon. The movements are fluid during the shooting in the manner of Max Payne, while keeping a complete control of the reticle. When the player zooms in on his weapon, the camera moves backward to enlarge his field of vision. The reticle changes from white to red to identify an enemy, and small “X’s” flash over the reticle to inform that an enemy is dead. Three different target modes are now available: free aim, auto aim and target lock. Among the types of firearms shown in the game’s images and trailers can be seen many guns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, heavy weapons and explosives26. These guns over the game, are available at Ammu-Nation, the weapons store that is making a comeback. The weapons can be customized with riflescopes, laser sights, silencers, extra chargers, and the ability to paint weapons. This is a first in the series and the weapon is not lost if the player runs out of ammo26. There is no friendly fire and the aiming system also works perfectly as a stealth game27. When the shot is fired with a weapon, while the character is in battle, the “jogging fight” is activated for mobility and a sense of urgency. On the contrary, if the character no longer shoots with his weapon or there is no threat on the horizon, the combat jog disables and the character returns to a relaxed position. The GTA V combat system is inspired by GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 and three modes of sighting are available: Assisted Shooting, Traditional GTA Shooting and Free Aiming. Assisted shooting gives the player a larger shooting range and target analysis to find out who is the biggest


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